Jonathan Duffy

Comedian - Hustler - Dollar Maker

Some of the Show's Jono has on the go go.

Without me, I'm Nothing

Jonathan Duffy is an accomplished actor; stand up comic and award-winning filmmaker. He is also painfully aware that most people have no idea who he is.  Give him one hour and he hopes to change that.

With the help of a few friends, some well-crafted jokes and a bit of song and dance, he is sure you will never forget him. Jonathan has climbed his way from the bottom to, well a little bit higher than the bottom, and he’s not thanking any deity or universal presence for getting him there.

Jonathan is most notably unknown for his 2011 documentary The Doctor’s Wife, which followed him and his (now ex) partner Dr Vincent Cornelisse as they moved from Brisbane to central Queensland as an openly gay couple.

In Without me, I’m nothing, Jonathan will share some anecdotes from the road along with observations made from the perspective of a city-gay turned country-gay, turned city-gay.  Enjoy the ride as he shares his take on things like long term relationships, pleasing a gay audience and gay-Christmas (otherwise known as Eurovision).

Jonathan promises to entertain shock and surprise all with an irreverence he should be known for, but isn’t!

Versatile Bitch

Accomplished actor, award-winning filmmaker and stand-up comic Jonathon Duffy is no stranger to the performing arts. His impressive range of skills and experiences have made him one Versatile Bitch – and this Midsumma Festival he is bringing these skills and qualities to bare in a one-hour cabaret show.

As a child Jonathan Duffy had dreams of one day becoming a leading man. Now in his early-mid-to-late-twenties, he has realised that waiting is no longer an option, so he’s written himself into the leading role in his debut cabaret, Versatile Bitch. 

Reflecting upon the many facets of his artistic career (actor/singer/film-maker/public speaker), Versatile Bitch see’s Duffy effortlessly assuming his natural role: The Chameleon.

The one-hour tour-de-force showcases the many skills Duffy has attained in order to pay the bills. From playing women – to speaking at TED, he has learned that being a chameleon is the greatest skill he has in the quest for success. With a killer canon of songs, matched by fabulous dance and raucous humour, Versatile Bitch the sequel to Without Me, I'm Nothing is sure to please.


Jonathan Duffy had everything he ever dreamed of as a child. A loving husband, a home, 2 dogs and a stable career as a performer in the buzzing metropolis of Melbourne Australia. In the course of a few months he lost it all. Flash forward less than a year and almost like the lyrics of a song by a certain bearded drag queen he rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Taking on audiences as the only gay comedian in Iceland, directing music videos for the country's biggest pop star, becoming a part of the official Eurovision team and writing with one of his favourite divas; Jono seemed to have found the way to get over the loss that broke his heart, except for one thing... he was still miserable.

Join Jonathan as he explores the many ways he tried to overcome eternal misery. Through stand up, songs and stories Jono will invite you on an intimate ride where no topic is taboo. From scabies to alcoholism he will share the ups and downs of trying to get it together in a Kim Kardashian world where sex is free and consequences are optional.

Miserable is the final in a trilogy that has chronicled the life of this Australian born comedian and cabaret performer since 2013. Audiences have noted that Jonathan has the ability to effortlessly move from humour to raw emotional states and this show is no exception. 

From the darkest moments of contemplating suicide to the flashing lights of the biggest song contest in the world, Miserable looks at how sometimes the best year of your life might not always feel amazing.

Jonathan Duffy, Not Quite Live From Reykjavík

Jonathan Duffy went digital. ‘Jonathan Duffy, Not Quite Live from Reykjavík’ combines stand up comedy, sketch comedy and musical parody in an hour long digital media experience that is set to get laughter rolling. This show was originally produced for Australia's Midsumma Festival. It was one of the first of its kind for Midsumma.
Shot, Edited and Produced by Jonathan Duffy and Nazar Davidoff
Featuring Music by Dusk.


ICETRALIA is an international comedy event featuring two different comedians from two different islands. Duffy and Dagsson bring you everything you want in a comedy show; observations, obscenities and musical numbers.

Performed in glorious english language.

Jono Duffy is an Australian born comedian and cabaret performer who recently moved to Iceland to avoid poisonous spiders and ex husbands. His comedy is like himself; gay, australian and a bit desperate.

Hugleikur Dagsson is a relatively talented icelandic cartoonist who turned to stand up comedy to avoid real work. This has brought him local fame, some money and a couple of diseases. His comedy is like himself; filthy, friendly and slightly autistic.